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Blockchain guide to facilitate the decision-making at the canton of Zürich published!

Blockchain guide

Can blockchain technology bring value to governmental processes? Florian Spychiger, Gerhard Schwabe and I worked together on a practice-oriented guide to facilitate the decision-making at Kanton Zürich.

The guide is openly available (in German): here

Thank you for this cooperation, Kanton Zürich, Staatskanzlei, UZH Blockchain Center and Ergon Informatik AG

Many thanks to Benjamin Lehmann, who facilitated the cooperation, and to the working group, who provided their valuable input and ideas:

Andreas Amsler, Esther Hefti, Matthias Mazenauer, Franziska Moser, Andreas Müller, Jean-Claude Nüsperli, Paolo Spada, Sandra Vogel, Lukas Weibel, Peppino Giarritta


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