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DIZH-funded project "Government as/is a platform"

Now it is official and I can share something very special: our project "Government as/is a platform: Orchestrating those involved in the refugee crisis through digital platforms in the Canton of Zurich" together with Gerhard Schwabe got funded under the DIZH Rapid Action Call as a response to the crisis situation, caused by the war in Ukraine.

The project aims to create an 'orchestration framework' to support the public administration in handling crisis situations such as the current reception and integration of refugees from Ukraine in a more efficient and resilient manner. This will be done based on the concept known as 'Government as a Platform' and the principles of digital platforms.

Being Russian myself, I must say the last few months were quite emotional and thus even more I value this opportunity to make my contribution.

I'm looking forward to leading the research team, Mario Angst, Dzmitry Katsiuba, Inna Vashkite and a few more people to join, and collaborating with Staatskanzlei Kanton Zürich, Alessia C. Neuroni and Campax, Andreas Freimueller and Stefan Heer.

To read about it a bit more: here

If you're at one of organisations in Switzerland, which is involved in or impacted by the crisis situation, and you can contribute in one or another way, feel free to reach out to me.


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