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Formative Archetypes in Enterprise Blockchain Governance: Exploring the Dynamics of Participant Domi

📚🎉New Publication!📚🎉

I want to share some key findings from our upcoming publication titled "Formative Archetypes in Enterprise Blockchain Governance: Exploring the Dynamics of Participant Dominance and Platform Openness," together with Dr. Christophe VIGUERIE, DBA and Raffaele F Ciriello, accepted for a publication at #HICSS2024.

🔍 Key Insights 🔍:

1. Archetypes of Governance: We've discussed four unique governance archetypes in enterprise blockchains: Chief, Clan, Custodian, and Consortium. Each archetype provides a lens to decipher intrinsic power structures.

2. Power Dynamics & Governance: While participant dominance can serve to either promote or hinder platform openness, it's a double-edged sword. Unchecked dominance might marginalize other participants, leading to skewed power dynamics and decreased trust.

3. Risks of Openness: While an open platform can counteract dominance, overemphasizing openness might expose the system to threats, dilute focus, and make achieving consensus challenging. It's crucial to strike the right balance.

💡Practical Implications for the Industry 💡:

For those deploying blockchain technologies, understanding these governance models can guide alignment with business objectives and desired openness. Dominant organizations can explore the Chief model for centralized control, while those leaning towards collaboration might consider the Clan or Consortium models. Transparency and collaboration remain essential, even for those adopting the Custodian model.

🚀We hope our research adds value to both academic discourse and industry practices with a deeper understanding of the interplay between dominance, openness, and centralization in enterprise blockchains! 🚀

The paper is available


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