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HICSS2022 - Minitrack Enterprise Blockchains

Last Friday, Andreas Hein, Gerhard Schwabe, Helmut Krcmar and I hosted our annual #HICSS minitrack on enterprise blockchains. While missing Hawaii, I enjoyed very much our virtual session. The format we decided to go for included short paper pitches with longer discussion rounds, which worked quite well letting researchers to connect to each other at least a bit.

We had six papers presented:

1. Yes, I Do: Marrying Blockchain Applications with GDPR by Benjamin Schellinger, Fabiane Völter, Nils Urbach, Johannes Sedlmeir

2. A Modeling Approach for Blockchain-inspired Business Models: An Extension of the e3 -Value Method by Simon Perrelet, Hans-Georg Fill, Jens Dibbern

3. With or Without Blockchain? Towards a Decentralized, SSI-based eRoaming Architecture by Alexandra Höß, Tamara Roth, Johannes Sedlmeir, Gilbert Fridgen, Alexander Rieger

4. Comparing Successful DLT Consortia: A Lifecycle Perspective by Benedikt Putz, Günther Pernul

5. Meta-View of Blockchain Technology Tensions in Organizational Implementation and Use by Dr. Nadine Ostern, Guido Perscheid

6. Mine, Yours, … Ours? Managing Stakeholder Conflicts in an Enterprise Blockchain Consortium by Rafael Ziolkowski, Gerhard Schwabe

The proceedings from our minitrack are available here:


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