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It's time to say goodbye, but it's also time to say hello!

I would like to share some exciting news with you!

I'm leaving the beloved company Ergon Informatik AG. It has been an exciting journey! During my time at Ergon I had an opportunity to work with the best minds, work on challenging and interesting projects, and just be a part of the Ergon-family. I appreciate Ergon's support and send my warmest regards to my colleagues. It's not a 'goodbye', it's 'see you soon!'

What's next? I'm honoured to get a generous postdoc fellowship for my research project "Digital ecosystems for public value creation", funded for 4 years by DIZH, and will join the Digital Society Initiative of the University of Zurich in May. I will explore, how digital ecosystems can be designed to benefit citizens, organizations, and the society, and create public value.


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