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Organizing for value in blockchain information system

It took more than 3 years for this paper to see the world, but now it's there!

Freshly published: "Organizing for value creation in blockchain information systems" in the Information and Organization journal together with Ingrid Bauer-HänselJanine Hacker and Gerhard Schwabe

Abstract: "Many blockchain consortia have been established to build blockchain information systems. While the developed blockchain information systems were promising, few have reached market entry. Indeed, blockchain consortia often lost development focus due to high system complexity and a lack of understanding of how to create a system that will serve the needs and bring value to all stakeholders. Thus, stakeholders struggled to leverage blockchain information systems' full value. Prior studies demonstrated that blockchain systems pose not only technical but also organizational challenges. Analysing six blockchain consortia, we identify their value mechanisms, organizational problems, and organizational solutions that successful blockchain consortia experience while organizing themselves for value. As a result, we propose a new organizational form, i.e., a 'layered organization', for blockchain consortia to achieve better value creation."

A big special thanks to our associate editor Mark Thompson and anonymous reviewers for the excellent feedback and reviews they gave.

Thanks to all who supported this research in different phases, amongst others cardossierDeloitteJan SeffingaFabian LeisibachRafael ZiolkowskiGianluca Miscione and many more.

Link to the publication.


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