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Use of SSI Technology for Refugee Digital IDs in Switzerland

In late August, Cédric Merz and our team presented key findings from Cédric's master's thesis at the University of Zurich, as part of the "Government as a Platform" project. We explored using SSI technology for digital identity for refugees to simplify their administrative tasks in Switzerland, especially in the context of the Ukrainian refugee crisis.

🤝 Participants

The event welcomed partners from Ergon Informatik AG and Procivis AG, a representative from the Kanton Zürich, as well as ZHAW Zurich University of Applied Sciences colleagues.

💡 Key Findings

1. The findings reveal that a digital ID, based on SSI technology, could streamline administrative tasks and, thus, ease the lives of refugees and possibly empower them.

2. While the research shows that achieving full interoperability between various organizations may be challenging, experts see room for optimizing current processes.

3. Overall, the study sheds light on key design elements to consider when developing an SSI-based digital ID for refugees and highlights its promising potential.

🟢 Discussion Points

The presentation led to an open discussion on the potential next steps for integrating SSI technology into both the "Government as a Platform" project and broader initiatives within Switzerland. All participants acknowledged the potential value of SSI technology in this context and agreed on the need for further research.

🔍 Next Steps

The event concluded with a general consensus on the importance of collaboration among technology providers, governmental bodies, and research initiatives for the development of a suitable digital identity solution.

🙏 Acknowledgements

A huge thank you to everyone who participated and contributed to the event. Your insights and engagement are what drive impactful research forward.

🚀Let's keep the dialogue going!


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