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User-centricity and Public Values in eGovernment: Friend or Foe?

Happy to share that our paper "User-centricity and Public Values in eGovernment: Friend or Foe?" has been accepted and will be presented at the European Conference of Information Systems (ECIS) in June.

✅ What is it about?

Governments have an obligation to deliver public value. The digitalization of public services and user-centric design approaches can positively impact important public values, such as efficiency and transparency, enhance civic engagement and provide accessible information and services to citizens. At the same time, user-centric ICT can also negatively affect values like social inclusion.

In our study, we investigate:

❓how user-centricity (including user focus, user involvement and system personalization) can coexist with 23 different public values and, therefore, fit for use in eGovernment services, and

❓on contrary, how it conflicts with them and, as a result, hinders successful implementation and adoption.

Our paper serves as a foundation for further research on public-value-based user-centric approaches in eGovernment 3.0 and new technological applications such as decentralized digital identities.

✅ The paper is publicly available here.

Thank you for the great collaboration, Linda Weigl, Hanna Marxen, Alexandre Amard, Dr. Tamara Roth!


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