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Leitfaden Blockchain in der kantonalen Verwaltung Zürich

Zavolokina, L., Spychiger, F., & Schwabe, G.
Kanton Zürich

Dealers of Peaches and Lemons: How Can Used Car Dealers Use Trusted Car Data to Create Value?

Baumann, J., Zavolokina, L., & Schwabe, G.
Proceedings of the 54th Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences

Designing for Trust in a Blockchain Platform.

Zavolokina, L., Zani, N., & Schwabe, G.
IEEE Transactions on Engineering Management (IEEE TEM) Journal.

Management, Governance and Value Creation in a Blockchain Consortium.

Zavolokina, L., Ziolkowski, R., Bauer, I., & Schwabe, G.
MIS Quarterly Executive (MISQE) Journal.

Designing for trust in blockchain platforms: from exploring to making it real: the case of the Swiss "market of lemons".

Zavolokina, L.
University of Zurich.