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Here you'll find my research publications and articles in the media.

In order to preserve copyrights of the publishers, I do not attach PDFs but link the articles to either open sources or the publishers' pages. If you want to get a PDF of one or another publication which is not openly accessible, feel free to contact me.  

Citizens' expectations about achieving public value and the role of digital technologies: It takes three to tango!

Zavolokina, L., Sprenkamp, K., & Schenk, B.
6th Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences

Can Artificial Intelligence Help Used-Car Dealers Survive in a Data-driven Used-Car Market?

Eckhardt, S., Sprenkamp, K., Zavolokina, L., Bauer, I., & Schwabe, G.
DESRIST 2022: 17th International Conference on Design Science Research in Information Systems and Technology

Toward unpacking trust in a local sharing economy community in Switzerland

Fedosov, A., Zavolokina, L., Krumhard, S., & Huang, E.
Proceedings of the International Conference on Privacy-friendly and Trustworthy Technology for Society – COST Action CA19121 - Network on Privacy-Aware Audio- and Video-Based Applications for Active and Assisted Living

User-centricity and Public Values in eGovernment: Friend or Foe?

Weigl, L., Amard, A., Marxen, H., Roth, T., & Zavolokina, L.
Thirtieth European Conference on Information Systems (ECIS 2022)

Incentivizing Data Quality in Blockchain-Based Systems—The Case of the Digital Cardossier

Spychiger, F., Tessone, C. J., Zavolokina, L., & Schwabe, G.
Distributed Ledger Technologies: Research and Practice vol. 1 2022 ACM Digital library
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