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Here you'll find my research publications and articles in the media.

In order to preserve copyrights of the publishers, I do not attach PDFs but link the articles to either open sources or the publishers' pages. If you want to get a PDF of one or another publication which is not openly accessible, feel free to contact me.  

Federated learning as a solution for problems related to intergovernmental data sharing

Sprenkamp, K., Delgado Fernandez, J., Eckhardt, S., & Zavolokina, L.
56th Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences

Promoting Inclusiveness and Fairness through NFTs: The Case of Student-Athletes and NILs

Carvalho, A., Zavolokina, L., Bhunia, S., Chaudhary, M., & Yoganathan, N.
CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems

Mediating the Tension between Data Sharing and Privacy: The Case of DMA and GDPR

Weigl, L., Barbereau, T., Sedlmeir, J., & Zavolokina, L.
31st European Conference on Information Systems (ECIS 2023)

Citizens' expectations about achieving public value and the role of digital technologies: It takes three to tango!

Zavolokina, L., Sprenkamp, K., & Schenk, B.
6th Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences

Do collaborative platforms create public value in public services? An explorative analysis of privately-owned public service platforms in Italy

Casalini, F., Zavolokina, L.
39th EGOS Colloquium
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