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FinTech – What's in a Name?

Zavolokina, L., Dolata, M., & Schwabe, G.

FinTech, the word which originates from marriage of “finance” and “technology”, designates currently a novel, innovative and emerging field which attracts attention from the publicity. At the moment there is no universal understanding and definition of FinTech in the research, however, the topic is widely addressed by the English- and German-speaking press. In this study we aim to make insights into how the press and other popular media understand and frame FinTech, discussing definitions that represents the meaning of it for the press, and deliver the conceptual framework to be used in research and scientific literature. In doing so, we also identify drivers of FinTech and put them in the context of financial and digital innovation research. Thereby, we provide objective understanding of FinTech, how it is reflected in the popular media.

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