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User-centricity and Public Values in eGovernment: Friend or Foe?

Weigl, L., Amard, A., Marxen, H., Roth, T., & Zavolokina, L.

In their delivery of services, public administrations seek to develop a ‘citizen-centric’ approach. Concomitantly, user-centricity is emerging as a widely accepted construct for Web 3.0 applications supporting the digital interaction between service providers and recipients. The digitalization of public services can positively impact important public values, such as efficiency and transparency. However, the digital divide highlights that information and communication technologies can simultaneously neglect public needs. This begs the question of whether user-centricity reflects or conflicts with public values. To answer this question, we present a systematic review of existing literature on user-centricity and public values. The contribution of this paper is an extended taxonomy of public values for user- centricity, as well as recommendations for public policy to address conflicts between public values and user-centricity.

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